Submit a Saas Tool

Is there a tool you’d like to add into our site that we should know about? Share it below!

Please Read Before Submitting:

Please do a search on the site before submitting your saas tool to ensure that we don’t already have it listed.

We review every tool manually before publishing it on the site. We try to review all tools within 7 days and add it to the directory. Do not submit your affiliate link to a tool. It will not be approved. 

We do not curate newsletters on this site. Only saas tools. Do not submit your newsletter link.

If you are submitting another tool aggregator, similar to SaasHippo, it will likely not be approved unless you yourself have a list of tool aggregators and list SaasHippo among them. Reciprocation is the only way to get your aggregator listed.

Do NOT use bots or similar methods to cheat the upvoting system. We watch closely and flag websites that try to cheat the system.

Other than that, feel free to submit your Saas tool suggestion. It’s free and takes less than two minutes.

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